Save Your Business with Process Safety

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Training Background

Process Safety Management (PSM) can be defined as a management system carried out by the company through a proactive approach in identifying, providing understanding and control of the dangers of the whole activity or process as a protective measure at work. This process can refer to OSHA 3132 and 3133 standards which also focus on prevention, preparation, mitigation, response and recovery efforts that must be carried out. So, it is hoped that important decisions will be made that lead to serious incidents, unexpected events beyond the control of workers to ensure that all hazards have been identified and controlled in each process.

Training Method

This training was held for 3 hours using the Interactive Live Distance Learning (ILDL) method. ILDL is a professional learning method that Synergy Solusi members of Proxsis Group using currently as an online class technology that involves two-way interactions between presenters and participants, interspersed with interesting ice-breaking, and involves moderators to moderate communication between trainer and participants. Unlike other online trainings that are often found today, ILDL is designed according to the needs (adjusted) and in accordance with the objectives and programs needed by the company. ILDL also has a post-learning program and is equipped with creative features such as online quizzes, online assignments, and of course electronic certificates from Synergy Solusi.

Training Modules

  1. Introduction to PSM and its origins and goals
  2. Overview of PSM standards and regulations world-wide, definitions, compliance interpretations
  3. Elements of Training Process Safety Management

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